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Overview (CSE:NTAR, OTCQX:NEXCF, FSE:EP2) is a versatile augmented reality and AI technology company that utilizes its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to craft immersive 3D experiences at scale for e-commerce. The company’s primary focus lies in creating high-quality 3D WebAR photorealistic models for Amazon and various other online retailers. has adopted a unique approach to creating shareholder value beyond its operating business of creating 3D models.

The company also develops or acquires disruptive AI technologies, which are subsequently spun out to shareholders as standalone public companies. This spin-out strategy allows to issue stock dividends to its shareholders while maintaining significant ownership in the public spin-out, without dilution to the parent company

Notably, successfully spun out ARway (OTCQB: ARWYF | CSE:ARWY | FSE:E65 ), its spatial computing platform, as a standalone public company on October 26, 2022. The company retains a 49 percent stake with 13 million shares in ARway Corp. while distributing 4 million shares to Nextech shareholders.

Similarly, accomplished its second spin-out launching Toggle3D (OTCQB: TGGLF | CSE:TGGL | FSE: Q0C ), an AI-powered 3D design studio aimed at competing with Adobe. The company retains a 44 percent stake with 13 million shares in Toggle3D.

As a preferred 3D model supplier for Amazon, has “early access” to introduce its customers’ 3D models to the Amazon marketplace. This makes one of only a handful of companies that can bring their e-commerce customers onto the online retail giant’s platform.

The company also expanded its 3D modeling business to include the gaming and manufacturing industries by partnering with renowned gaming giants such as Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, Nintendo, Activision and Meta. has experienced rapid growth in its user base and revenue. In 2022, the company’s 3D modeling revenue rose more than 266 percent compared to 2021 revenue. The company also reported a 963 percent increase in users for its Toggle3D platform since its launch in Jan 2023.

Company Highlights

Driving shareholder value by Commercializing Disruptive AI, 3D, AR, ML Technologies

The company develops or acquires disruptive technologies that are subsequently spun out to shareholders as standalone public companies.On October 26, 2022, spun out its spatial computing platform, ARway as a stand-alone public company, retaining a 49 percent stake with 13 million shares in ARway Corp. while distributing 4 million shares to Nextech shareholders.In June 2023, the company launched its second spin-out, Toggle3D, an AI-powered 3D design studio aimed at competing with Adobe. The company retains a 44 percent stake with 13 million shares in Toggle3D.

Diversified Technology Company is a diversified augmented reality, AI technology company that leverages proprietary artificial intelligence to create 3D experiences for ecommerce.The company’s unique AI technology sets Nextech apart from its competitors, allowing it to earn contracts from big companies like Target and Amazon.The 3D modeling market is expected to reach US$6.33 billion by 2028, growing by a CAGR of 15.49 percent from US$2.3 billion in offers four unique technologies (ARitize3D, ARway, Toggle3D and Map D) to cater to the needs of small and medium ecommerce and enterprise companies.Nextech’s 3D and AR technologies provide spatial computing capabilities, including GPS components, scanners and indoor navigation systems.The company’s AR does not require any investment from consumers to put to use and instead works with any device equipped with a camera.Nextech has grown rapidly in recent years, reaching US$10.3 million in 2022, increasing the 3D modeling business by 266 percent from 2021, and achieving a 963-percent increase in users for its Toggle3D platform since its launch in Jan 2023.

Leadership Team

CEO Evan Gappelberg has a positive track record of creating shareholder value for over 20 years and is the single largest shareholder of with a 10 percent stakeAn experienced team of technology innovators leads to further develop and market its unique solutions.

Key Technologies


ARitize3D is a solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to turn 2D models and CAD files into 3D models that can be viewed in AR. The technology gives companies a platform to enhance their e-commerce enterprise that operates at scale.


Existing Enterprise Clients: Nextech has industry-leading e-commerce enterprises using its ARitize3D platform, including Amazon, Kohl’s and NAPA.Crucial Competitive Advantage: The usage of AI within the ARitize3D platform is a unique offering that disrupts the existing 3D modeling market by providing reduced costs, improved quality and better scalability.AI Development Ongoing: The field of AI is rapidly advancing, and Nextech continues to stay at the forefront of its development. The ARitize3D platform is powerful in its current form and the company continues to leverage advancements in AI to optimize scalability.


ARway is an AI-powered spatial computing platform that provides augmented reality experiences for indoor spaces. The platform allows users to easily create experiences for navigation, tours, information sharing, notifications, advertising, and gamification. ARway leverages the power of mobile devices to create environments that can improve visitor experience, boost employee productivity, increase engagement, create new advertising space, and boost revenues. ARway was acquired in 2021 as a spatial computing platform and has since been further developed by


First-mover Advantage in Spatial Computing: ARway gives companies advanced capabilities to provide indoor navigation for events or other large spaces to create a powerful AR experience. Existing clients include the Dubai Mall, Restaurants Canada, and Saudi German Health Group and others.No-code and Hardware-free Platform: Companies can adopt ARway without installing hardware, and investing in development or infrastructure management, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.Rapid Adoption Driven by Demand for AR: Consumers are starting to understand and experience the benefits of AR. This growing demand powers the continual growth of ARway as more organizations wish to accommodate consumer demand. Your 3D Design Studio

Toggle3D is a self-serve platform enabling the conversion, texturing, customizing and sharing of the highest quality 3D models at scale, using CAD files. The platform allows users to rapidly create new models without learning in-depth design tools.


Significant Competitive Advantage: Toggle3D reduces or eliminates the learning curve in creating 3D models compared to legacy software, such as Adobe. The platform’s web-based and collaborative approach is a unique new way for businesses to approach 3D modeling.Spin-out Approval in 2023: Successful spinout in June 2023, now trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol TGGL.Disrupting Existing 3D Modeling Industry: The company’s breakthrough AI and machine learning platform allows manufacturers and design industries to sidestep the training and time-intensive processes traditionally used for 3D modeling and rapidly design and improve new models.

Map D

The company’s cloud-based event management solution strives to transform the US$50-billion event industry. The Map D platform is already generating revenue that is expected to grow throughout 2023.


Comprehensive End-to-end Management: The platform covers all aspects of event management, including generating interactive floorplans, handling ticket sales, AR activations, booth sales, indoor wayfinding, and a companion mobile app.Integrating Technologies to Transform Event Planning with AR: The company’s platform is transforming the established event planning industry by introducing AR experiences and integrating other Nextech technologies, such as ARway and ARitize3D.

Management Team

Evan Gappelberg – Founder and CEO

Evan Gappelberg attained his capital market expertise in the 1990s while working on Wall Street funding IPOs. Notably he was instrumental in funding Take Two Interactive, which has a recent valuation of about $20 billion (NASDAQ:TTWO). Gappelberg is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating, funding and running pioneering start-ups. He has global business experience both as a hands-on CEO and as a public company CEO.

He started as an entrepreneur while on Wall Street where he was co-founder and CEO of EG Products, which he self-funded. While CEO, he went to China to set up manufacturing for the first LED light-up toy which he patented, imported and distributed globally. He secured license deals from Disney, Universal Studios and others while he built a retail national sales channel.

He was also co-founder and CEO of an app development company which created and published over 200 successful apps for both the Apple iTunes store and Google Play store.

He is an accomplished entrepreneur with an expertise in creating, funding and running start-ups, and he has extensive experience both as a hands-on operating executive and well as a public market professional.

Andrew Chan – Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Chan has over 20 years of finance and accounting experience with half of his career serving high-growth, public technology companies. After over a decade in public accounting (including nine years at Ernst & Young), Chan moved into senior finance positions with Real Matters (TSX: REAL) and goeasy (TSX:GSY) – both offering technology solutions for the financial services industry – where he was involved in several financings, transactions and acquisitions with an aggregate value of well over a billion dollars. Chan has successfully integrated and led finance-related functional groups including treasury and banking, corporate reporting and budgeting and was instrumental in forging strong relationships with business unit leaders to enable successful revenue forecasting and delivery.

Reza Davariar – Chief Operating Officer

Reza Davariar is an experienced business strategist and cross-organizational leader with more than 20 years of professional experience across strategy consulting, business operations and sales management. Davariar has a broad range of experience working with executive leadership, reducing internal costs, and establishing methodologies to boost customer satisfaction through successful operational performances, CRM initiatives and KPI targeting.

Hareesh Achi – Head of Product Operations

Hareesh Achi brings with him substantial experience in operational leadership roles. He most recently led Meta’s Reality Labs product data operations, where he led the expansion of scaled operations for Meta’s Reality Labs product portfolio. Prior to that, Hareesh held a pivotal role at Microsoft, overseeing the multi-billion dollar Bing Ads operations. Hareesh also understands the DNA of Nextech having briefly worked at Nextech during COVID, before being recruited away by Meta.

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